error updating

  1. X

    Cannot update FreeBSD

    Hello, this is my first post here. The Forum is very cool, but a have one question: Today i have one appliance in AWS FreeBSD running at version 11.3-Stable AMD64 and i know this version is a older version of freeBSD. But when i try update running pkg update i receive a follow error: Shared...
  2. Abraham79

    Randomly unable to update pkg repository in FreeBSD 12.2 - not found

    Since few days, pkg repository fails to update, at random. Most of the times, it works; Sometimes not. Location is India. ~% doas pkg upgrade Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... pkg: Not Found repository FreeBSD has no meta...
  3. T

    DragonFlyBSD Error updating repositories

    Good evening, I am trying to install DragonFlyBSD. But when I type "pkg upgrade" after put connect to the user; I am answered with this. Updating Avalon repository catalogue… pkg: No address record pkg...