1. Nyakov

    Solved jail + vnet + SLAAC + ipfw

    I decided to share my setup for SLAAC on jail vnet. 1. Create bridge and epair interface in /etc/rc.conf #Configure bridge interface for jails vnet #epair0 - jail interface cloned_interfaces="bridge0 epair0" #create bridge and epair ifconfig_bridge0="ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx addm re0 SYNCDHCP"...
  2. Farhan Khan

    Jail does not respond over IPv6 until it initiates traffic

    I am experiencing this odd issue when I restart one of my jails, which operates as the IPv6 router, does not respond to IPv6 packets, even though tcpdump reveals that it receives them. It isn't until it initiates a traffic with other hosts that it starts to respond. IPv4 works just fine. I have...