1. DDenny

    Other CDE restarts after Login

    I installed CDE 2.3.1 on 64-bit FreeBSD 12.1 on my laptop. The installation worked well. After I start CDE and type my name and password correctly, the screen becomes black and it returns to the login screen and same thing happens again. What should I do?
  2. MaxRuse11

    Setting up TCSH

    I've got a Digital Ocean droplet running FreeBSD which I shell into. I can locate tcsh under /bin/tcsh but using setenv in my local .cshrc file doesn't cause this shell to be used on next login. Env reports the shell as sh and the prompt hasn't changed to > Editing master.passwd to use tcsh...
  3. rigoletto@

    keychain doesn't actually set env.

    Hello, I am trying to get security/keychain to work but I am experiencing a problem with it not actually setting the env: SSH_AUTH_SOCK and SSH_AGENT_PID. It starts and apparently set everything as expected but does not work when I try to use ssh, unless I set the variables manually later...
  4. ericx

    Parameters in env EDITOR

    Can one parameterize the string used in EDITOR? e.g.: vipw will fail when EDITOR='emacsclient -c' with the error message: # vipw vipw: pw_edit(): No such file or directory [Exit 1 ] But vipw will function normally with EDITOR='emacsclient'
  5. Nureo

    Xfce Can I get XFCE in Spanish?

    Hello everybody! I am using XFCE, but I would like to have that environment in Spanish. Can it be done? ¡Hola a todos! Estoy utilizando XFCE, pero quisiera tener ese entorno en español. ¿Es posible lograrlo?