encrypted zroot

  1. ivanov

    Solved The quest for unencrypted /boot and ZFS native encrypted /

    Hello Free Beastie Besties, I have a two zfs pool root-on-ZFS Debian 12.4 setup: 1G unecrypted `bpool` and 100G zfs native encrypted `rpool . (I got those names from following the framework in this guide...
  2. vlig

    Encrypted ZFS and liveUSB

    Hello! I have a laptop with FreeBSD on encrypted ZFS. When I try to load with FreeBSD USB stick I always asked for geli passphrase. What is the strange behavior?? It is boot USB drive, isn't it? And if I wish to make a clean FreeBSD install? Tried with nomadBSD - all the same, tried with Arch...
  3. U

    Solved Fresh install, zfs i/o error - all block copies unavailable

    Fresh install, Encrypted raidz, 5 disks. Boot fails at error: zfs i/o error - all block copies unavailable What could cause this? I've reinstalled several times and same fault every time. FreeBSD has worked before with this same computer. Booted up with Ubuntu-live and disks seems to be OK.
  4. U

    Early-ssh and Freebsd

    http://dev.kakaopor.hu/early-ssh/ I found this today. With this I could make full disk-encryption and still able to reboot computer only with ssh. Anyone used it? Is FreeBSD supported?
  5. J

    ZFS /boot/ folder in encrypted ZFS in FreeBSD 11

    I installed FreeBSD 11 with encrypted ZFS from the official live CD. After using the system fine for some days, I changed something in /boot/loader.conf then can not boot. I searched and the way to recover is to boot from live CD and type: # cd /tmp/ # mkdir mounted # geli attach /dev/ada0p3 #...
  6. P

    Solved can't load 'kernel' - FreeBSD 11.0 with encrypted ZFS (RAID-10) and boot environments

    Hi, I like to install FreeBSD 11.0 with encrypted ZFS root and boot environments using four disks (stripped and mirrored). After the first reboot I got the following error: BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.02 Consoles: internal video/keyboard BIOS drives C: is disk0 BIOS drives D: is disk1...