1. I

    IPFW router ruleset for dmz - help needed

    Hello. Trying to play with IPFW ruleset with a Freebsd box that acts as a router. A quite steep learning curve for sure, but managed to get it working after countless hours reading forums/examples. Network is segmented into vlans. DMZ is one of them where all public services reside. Trying to...
  2. R

    Trying to run openvpn with another engine

    Well, I made a new engine (new-engine) to run openvpn with it. It works in Linux, but in the FreeBSB it doesn't (I already compiled in that machine). Below is the error when I try to connect: I already put my new-engine.so in the folder /usr/lib/engines/ and my config file is below: port...
  3. aragats

    Dynamic DNS for a large number of clients

    Hi folks, Would you please recommend a good DNS software suitable to setup a Dynamic DNS server for a large number of clients (like 2000-3000)? Currently I'm using dns/maradns for personal purposes, but I'm doubting it's a good choice for a commercial project. Thanks for advises!