1. T

    Backup DUMP/RESTORE file format

    Hello, I'm trying to find the definition of FreeBSD's DUMP/RESTORE file structure. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Google is determined to point me towards BSODs, core dumps, the man page for dump, etc, everything exept what I need. TIA.
  2. A

    UFS Why I am using UFS in 2021.

    I am a relatively new user of FreeBSD. For the past 15 years I have been managing a small server farm all running Debian or Ubuntu. Not thrilled with the way these distributions have been progressing, so thought I would give FreeBSD a whirl. Some things in particular that piqued my interest are...
  3. B

    MATE .core files in home (keyring, marco, ...)

    Hi everyone, this has been bugging me for several releases now. My Mate installation creates .core files in my home directory, even though I shut it down normally, I get no error messages and no bad behaviour. I understand that I can silence the whole mechanism by following...
  4. A

    Solved dump(8) keeps giving "unknown file system" when cloning partition

    I would like to migrate a virtual machine's filesystem onto a smaller virtual disk using dump. I have tried both using the 12.1-RELEASE installer in live CD mode, and also attaching the disks to a separate VM running 12.0-RELEASE, but dump keeps failing on me with "unknown file system". I try...
  5. Tom_Linux

    Closed Basic Question: "rescue" commands differences inside /rescue

    Hello@All I am using FreeBSD-CURRENT / HEAD release and I am always upgrading by make buildworld, after some Tests/Upgrades my backup scripts ran into Errors "dump -0Lauf ... " to NFS Mount. dmesg: "pid 1343 (dump), uid 0: exited on signal 11" I looked on net for differences between...
  6. daBee

    mount & dump

    Hi folks. Before updating FreeBSD 10.1 to current stable, I want to dump my current OS to an external USB drive, for future reference. I would like to be able to mount it on my Mac to poke around. Or I could img the volume to mount on my Mac as I need it. So in Disk Utility I formatted the...
  7. cvnmjs

    Firefox Unexpectedly Closes (Bus error)

    Hello all, At irregular intervals I have this problem of www/firefox (compiled from ports) closing unexpectedly. It happens across all four Firefox profiles. After it closes I can find a 'firefox.core' file in various directories. When I launch Firefox from the shells/fish shell and the process...
  8. uzsolt

    UFS dump/restore missing files

    I want to use dump and restore. But I think I don't understand well something. I ran dump -0 -C16 -Laf /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump /dev/gpt/ssd-home - after ls in restore -f /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump -i - it's okay. Incremental dump after some seconds: dump -1 -C16 -Laf...