1. Tom_Linux

    Closed Basic Question: "rescue" commands differences inside /rescue

    Hello@All I am using FreeBSD-CURRENT / HEAD release and I am always upgrading by make buildworld, after some Tests/Upgrades my backup scripts ran into Errors "dump -0Lauf ... " to NFS Mount. dmesg: "pid 1343 (dump), uid 0: exited on signal 11" I looked on net for differences between...
  2. daBee

    mount & dump

    Hi folks. Before updating FreeBSD 10.1 to current stable, I want to dump my current OS to an external USB drive, for future reference. I would like to be able to mount it on my Mac to poke around. Or I could img the volume to mount on my Mac as I need it. So in Disk Utility I formatted the...
  3. cvnmjs

    Firefox Unexpectedly Closes (Bus error)

    Hello all, At irregular intervals I have this problem of www/firefox (compiled from ports) closing unexpectedly. It happens across all four Firefox profiles. After it closes I can find a 'firefox.core' file in various directories. When I launch Firefox from the shells/fish shell and the process...
  4. uzsolt

    UFS dump/restore missing files

    I want to use dump and restore. But I think I don't understand well something. I ran dump -0 -C16 -Laf /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump /dev/gpt/ssd-home - after ls in restore -f /home/backup/hdd/dumps/ssdhome.dump -i - it's okay. Incremental dump after some seconds: dump -1 -C16 -Laf...