1. plexinvise

    Solved Can't make PF work with Dummynet on FreeBSD 14RC3 and RC4

    Hi there, I am trying to setup a simple PF firewall with dummynet and despite all my efforts I am failing. I would appreciate a helping hand, thank you. Below is the setup description and all the details that might be useful. I've been trying to apply pass rule for the pipe on different...
  2. dsatish

    IPFW FQ_PIE is not working in FreeBSD 13.1

    ipfw pipe 1 config bw 10Mbits/s delay 20ms ipfw sched 1 config pipe 1 type fq_pie ipfw queue 1 config sched 1" ipfw add 100 queue 1 ip from to I put these commands in my router which contains FreeBSD 13.1. My client and server is FreeBSD 13.1. I just used iperf3 to...
  3. A

    Set up FreeBSD machine as router/bridge between a computer and the network

    I recently installed and did the initial set ups for a FreeBSD virtual machine. My aim is to utilise it as a router/bridge in a network topology structured as follows: from a PC comes a request for a webpage, that is captured by the FreeBSD router (in order to use DummyNet as a test tool on it)...
  4. L

    Possible race condition bug in dummynet? (out of order packets)

    I've discovered a problem with dummynet: 1) using io_fast dummynet option may lead to out of order packet delivery within one tcp or udp flow, and then degradation of tcp throughput or other errors. 2) it is unable to properly disable io_fast because this option is commented in dummynet source...
  5. M

    kern.hz and dummynet trafic shaping

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out is there any relationship between kern.hz parameter and dummynet performance in terms of traffic shaping. Not it's by default = 1000. But is there a need to change it when you have more pps or interrupts? Currently, I'm shaping ~1 Gbit/s of traffic (around...