1. M

    C Recording from FreeBSD sound subsystem

    I am trying to implement a basic example to record a few seconds of audio in FreeBSD, which uses a modified OSS version. Following the sample files included in the FreeBSD source code and the OSS programming guide I have prepared the following sample program: #include <sys/soundcard.h> #include...
  2. M

    Format of captured data from /dev/dsp?.?

    The following sequence captures audio from the microphone (if mixer has been configured to do so) and then playbacks to the speakers: cat /dev/dsp0.0 > rawaudio cat rawaudio > /dev/dsp0.0 I would like to understand which format is used. Is there any specific place where I could look...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    virtual_oss how do you record currently playing audio

    Im a bit stumped on how to use virtual_oss to record audio that is currently over a particular dsp device and was wondering if someone could me a prod in the right direction i have loaded the cuse module What id like to do is create a virtual audio device that can be recorded with ffmpeg...
  4. Ishayahu

    second number in /dev/dsp%d.%d

    From pcm I see, that in /dev/dsp%d.%d And what represents the second number?
  5. T

    Solved HP EliteBook 2530p, no sound with snd_hda

    Hi everybody, currently, I'm trying to set up FreeBSD 11.0 on my HP EliteBook 2530p. After updating the BIOS to the latest version, the system is running perfectly well. Only audio is something I just can't get configured correctly. Maybe someone has experience with the same device and is able...