1. M

    Which way to go for automounting removable media in KDE5?

    So the FreeBSD Handbook and KDE Community Wiki still tell that hald is required for KDE5 to handle automounting of removable media, although there are other solutions like autofs mentioned in the handbook, automount or dsbmd. Then there are references to kf5-solid with bsdisks as well. Since...
  2. andersbo87

    Other dsbmd and mount.exfat-fuse fails with unknown option user

    Hello, everyone! For quite a while now, I've had a problem mounting a USB exFAT partition via sysutils/dsbmd as a normal user. Whenever I type in dsbmc-cli -m /dev/da1p3, exectution of dsbmc-cli simply freezes, and while pressing ctrl+c gets me back to the shell, the mount process is still...
  3. mrclksr

    DSBMD - a media mounting daemon/automounter for FreeBSD

    About sysutils/dsbmd is a media mounting daemon written for FreeBSD. It detects and monitors storage devices (like USB sticks, hard disks, CD/DVD drives, card readers, digital cameras (PTP), MTP devices like smartphones, tablets etc.), and identifies their filesystems. Its clients can request...