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  1. rigoletto@

    DragonFly master now runs on the Threadripper 2990WX.

  2. F

    Double boot OpenBSD: GPT disk, not chainload

    Not that it's something very important, but it is now possible to install OpenBSD on a GPT partition and double/triple/whatever boot it with FreeBSD etc. And since I like having a collection of different OS's on the same drive, I couldn't resist trying this. Going this way you secure an...
  3. ☣ Žoχ ☣

    Other Lumina Desktop doesn't want to start on DragonFly BSD

    I am trying to run Lumina on DragonFly BSD in VirtualBox. Basically I've installed all pages and trying to start it but it fails with message: QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display. exited on signal 6, core dumped. I've tried startx - and Xorg works, and manages to start and run. So, I...
  4. Kalero

    Most updated ports/packages

    Hi! I open this thread to talk about which BSD flavour has the most updated ports/packages. For example, sometimes I develop some Java app with NetBeans IDE on Linux, and I see in freshports.org the last version ported to FreeBSD is the 8.0.2 version. Now where is a "freshports.org" for OpenBSD...