1. K

    Solved X11: server does not have extension for -dpms option

    Hello, I'm running 14.0-RELEASE-p2 on a Dell Optiplex Micro, using XFCE. The processor is Intel i5-13600, and the graphics Intel UHD 770 (AlderLake). I know the graphics are not supported, but I don't believe that is the issue here. The X server initializes as shown by these excerpts from...
  2. Sevendogsbsd

    Solved Display sleeps immediately when dropping out of X

    I am having a video issue with FreeBSD 11. I have new video hardware and prior to getting the new hardware I did not have this issue. Hardware is an Nvidia GTX 1050Ti card, which powers a single Dell U3415W monitor using a mini display port cable. This is in an HP z800 workstation. When in X...
  3. aauger

    Flightgear and the monitor power saving mode issue

    Hello everyone! I have a strange issue that i'd like to share with you. When I use the Flightgear software, after about 10 minutes of use, my monitor goes into power saving mode and i cannot resume. I have disabled the screensaver and the dpms, but nothing does. Also, the same issue with the...