1. iyoti

    ZFS How should I configure a spare SSD alongside a raidz2 pool for downloads?

    I've noticed that having torrented files (OS images, etc) download directly to the storage zpool can really slow down reads from the pool. Pausing the download software during sustained read events temporarily resolves the issue, but isn't really something I can do regularly. I have a spare SSD...
  2. Cath O'Deray

    Solved (258573, 258679) Chromium unable to add extensions or download files

    Something like the opposite on FreeBSD. The second of these two bug reports: 258573 – www/chromium Could not install package: 'FAILED_TO_COPY_EXTENSION_FILE_TO_TEMP_DIRECTORY' 258679 – www/chromium: Unable to download files with chromium-92.0.4515.159_2