1. elgrande

    Howto: run dotnet Orleans on freebsd

    This is a preview for a more detailed tutorial or a port. It should be sufficient to get some orleans native cloud computing pods running on freebsd. Steps: 1. setup an Ubuntu linux jail (linuxolator) using sysutils/debootstrap. 2. chroot to the linux jail. 3. git clone, build and install...
  2. neogeo

    Solved Using the linux-dotnet-{runtime, cli, sdk} ports under host localbase

    The lang/linux-dotnet-cli port has installed a dotnet under /usr/local/bin. When I run this dotnet cmd, I see the following output: $ dotnet --help Failed to resolve full path of the current executable [/proc/self/exe] This may seem to suggest that it expects something like a linprocfs...