1. icodeforyou

    general/other Best solution for using docker with docker compose on FreeBSD

    So far my little experiment of using FreeBSD for development work has been very interesting and successful in many aspects. However I might be facing a major obstacle: I am developing a TypeScript application that depends on several services (redis, postgres, potentially RabbitMQ in conjunction...

    docker-compose cannot connect to docker socket

    Hello! I have a problem to connect to docker by docker-compose. Has anybody similar problem? Thank you in advance. user@freebsd:/docker-compose % l /var/run/docker.sock 228103 srw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel uarch 0B Feb 13 09:40:29 2018 /var/run/docker.sock user@freebsd:/docker-compose % sudo...
  3. cytopia

    docker/docker-compose and devilbox

    Hi everybody, I have planned to make the devilbox work on FreeBSD. I not really aware about the current state of docker and docker-compose support on FreeBSD. Does it generally work or are there any big stoppers? If it does work already, is somebody willing to give a quick try on the devilbox...