1. A

    CARP (dns/dhcp/tftp) network boot.

    Hi, My setup is like following. server1 = primary server setup with carp, it is running the dnsmasq and it is also the gateway for my local network server2= secondary server setup with carp, it is also running the dnsmasq (/var/db/dnsmasq.leases is copied from server1) and it is...
  2. tknv

    Solved Under NAT client cannot go out to WAN side network

    I try to make NAT for two LAN network interfaces. But NAT client cannot go out to WAN side network. pf.conf # interfaces wan_if="alc0" wl1_if="wlan1" #, interface wlan1 as Access Point ue0_if="ue0" #, connect to L2 switch lan_if="{" $wl1_if $ue0_if "}"...
  3. G

    pkg update; Operation timed out; dnsmasq

    I have a similiar behavior like mentioned in an older post. Whenever I try to run pkg update I receive a timeout: Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... pkg: http://pkg.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:12:amd64/quarterly/meta.txz: Operation timed out...
  4. T

    Solved Allowing selective traffic from/to wlan with -apbridge set (starting with ARP)

    I have an AP+bridge+firewall ("router") running FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE r366954 GENERIC amd64. It's roughly set up as follows: - igb0 connects to my ISP via DHCP. (Disabled while I debug this.) - bridge0 has dnsmasq running on it as a DHCP server and DNS server. (Only dynamic addresses at the...
  5. D

    Solved dnsmasq TFTP service not working any longer

    After upgrading from FreeBSD-11.2 to FreeBSD-11.3, access to the dnsmasq TFTP service does not seem to be working any longer. The problem seems to be related somehow to the kernel as shown below: 1. Install FreeBSD-11.2 2. Install, configure and enable dnsmasq TFTP service as follows: in...
  6. D

    Router Troubleshooting

    Hello All, I am attempting to find out what my issue is with my FreeBSD Router that I am attempting to build. I have set up the following tools on my OS on my router: HostAPD DNSMasq PF All of which appear to work and I can route through the AP. However; I am not getting nearly the speeds or...
  7. timypcr

    Playstation 4 not playing nice with dnsmasq

    Over the last 3 years or so I have used dnsmasq as a recursive DNS server within my home network. Using the below settings and the DHCP service within my SOHO router to assign IP address's and the DNS address to my dnsmasq server. This has worked great with just about any device tossed on my...
  8. spanglefox

    Solved libnettle.so.6 not found on boot for dnsmasq.

    Hi, Am using dns/dnsmasq as a local service. On boot I see an error message stating that the service can not start because of a missing file, libnettle.so.6. Once the system logins in and service dnsmasq start is used the service begins. Also I get positive results for find /usr/ -name...