dns server

  1. subnetspider

    Which DNS server software?

    Hello everyone, I want to migrate my current DNS server from a Windows Server to FreeBSD. The DNS server should have the following features: Authorative DNS (for my Internal network only) Resolving DNS High Availability So far I have found named (aka. BIND9) and nsd + local-unbound as...
  2. john_rambo

    Solved /etc/resolv.conf reverting after rebooting || How to set custom DNS servers ?

    Hi, I want to use Cloudflare DNS. I edited /etc/resolv.conf and added nameserver nameserver I don't know much about FreeBSD so I was unsure about which service to restart for the changes to take effect so I did a full reboot. After the reboot I found that the /etc/resolv.conf...
  3. B

    DNS server for local network

    Hi, I want to set up a DNS server for my local network. I read already the DNS server section with named in the handbook. But in the handbook they make the configuration of a WAN DNS Server I just need a LAN. My question is if what I have to change for this action in my namedb conf? Regards