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  1. rphanikrishna

    Solved IPFW for Unbound DNS resolver ipv4/v6

    Am trying to Build a Firewall for Unbound DNS resolver since a month and was not successful, solved almost all the configs except the IPFW rules, using FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p5 Below are my rule list NOTE: a.a.a.a , b.b.b.b, c.c.c.c and d.d.d.d are my ipv4 Public IP pools...
  2. rphanikrishna

    Solved IPFW-IPV6 Syntax

    Configuring DNS caching server able to get all traffic without the firewall and with firewall only the IPV4 traffic is resolving, having some syntax issue with the config regarding the IPV6 (using FreeBSD 12.1) ipfw -q -f flush cmd="ipfw -q add" pif="em0" # interface name of NIC $cmd 00116...
  3. FKEinternet

    Inbound DNS requests not working

    I have ipfw configured with these rules (among others) # ipfw list | grep "53 " 00110 allow tcp from me to any dst-port 53 out via re0 setup keep-state 00111 allow udp from me to any dst-port 53 out via re0 keep-state 00550 allow ip from any to me dst-port 53 in via re0 setup keep-state My...