1. andersbo87

    make checksum-recursive in java/openjdk12 results in fetching py-django111 using the wrong flavour (py36 instead of py27)

    I am trying to install java/openjdk12. As part of doing that, I prefer to run make checksum-recursive to fetch the required distfiles before attempting to install the port using ports-mgmt/portmaster (I prefer to download the required distfiles one by one rather than multiple ones at the same...
  2. forquare

    Other Writing an rc script for gunicorn & django

    Hello all, I'm looking to deploy a Django application onto a FreeBSD 11.1 server, I've read a number of articles about using www/py36-gunicorn to provide the communications between www/nginx and Django, and brief trials appear successful. I'm now looking to make a service that I can service...
  3. Farhan Khan

    Solved Start uwsgi at system boot

    I am trying to build a VM "appliance" that will be running uwsgi/Django. This uses a python virtualenv, so uwsgi only starts when within that virtualenv. When I try to run it outside of a virtualenv, I get this error: $ uwsgi config.ini [uWSGI] getting INI configuration from config.ini ***...