1. uzsolt

    poudriere and distcc

    Is it possible to use ports-mgmt/poudriere with devel/distcc? And if yes, how?
  2. fizk

    How to use distcc/ccache with generate-release.sh?

    I'm trying to build FreeBSD across my three servers, but I'm struggling to get the /usr/src/release/generate-release.sh script to use distcc and ccache. Any help would be appreciated! distcc/ccache actually works for a few minutes, but beginning with buildworld, distcc/ccache is not used. What...
  3. O

    gdb can't find any source after compile through distcc

    I'm using several FreeBSD machines, and all of them are in same version, 10.3-RELEASE i386. And installed distcc on every machine through ports, devel/distcc. The distcc version is distcc-3.1. Using Clang 3.4.1 instead of GCC. Any compile was done very successfully. But after, every time I try...