disk repair

  1. BaronBS

    Solved How to fix GEOM error?

    Guys I changed my disks in my T430 to make a better backup routine. Before I had a strip with 3 ssd's with 1 tb each. I changed to root in a 240gb, home in a 1tb, and I left 1tb for dual booting with OBSD. And the last 1tb I took out of the note and put it in a case for external use. Everything...
  2. F

    UFS Disk repair after mounting FreeBSD system within OpenBSD

    I was trying to dual boot both FreeBSD 10.3 and OpenBSD 6.0 on my machine by installing the two OS's to different disks and selecting the disk I wanted in the bios. This was successful until I mounted the FreeBSD disk within OpenBSD (and neglected to add a readonly option). The FreeBSD system no...