disk io

  1. M

    Monitoring with iostat

    Hi, I have this output in Linux using iostat: I want to get r_await and w_await in FreeBSD, which definitions are: r_await: The average time (in milliseconds) for read requests issued to the device to be served. This includes the time spent by the requests in queue and the time spent...
  2. t0ken

    I/O streams capped at 128KB/t?

    I'm trying to come up with a solution to an issue I'm seeing on FreeBSD VMs installed as qemu/KVM guests (I'm sure the fact that they're guests have nothing to do with my issue, but I thought I'd mention it anyway). From within a VM, I seem to be hitting a ~128KB/s limit on I/O streams, that...
  3. barrandrea

    UFS Gstat and disk I / O

    Hi, I'm becoming crazy on a problem with performance on a FreeBSD 10.3 on a proxmox VPS. How can I debug this kind of problem and understand the process that is writing so much? The VPS seems incredibly slow and not reactive. dT: 1.003s w: 1.000s L(q) ops/s r/s kBps ms/r w/s...
  4. J

    Resource limits in FreeBSD (kind of linux cgroups)

    Hello everyone. After a long time spent with linux (we use it for development at work), I decided to go back and have a look at FreeBSD. I used to compile software using the ports collection. On the other side, I use gentoo linux and, as a developer and building everything from source in...