disk i/o

  1. S

    ZFS ZFS + PostgreSQL - with a twist

    All, Looking to implement a dedicated server to perform data processing/analysis and it needs some fairly significant I/O. The "twist" is that the data's lifespan is the duration of time it takes to import, process, analyze and report on - then the database and the data is deleted. Storage...
  2. lifepillar

    Intense I/O: found pkg and find running at night

    Last night at about 3am I noticed my server doing a lot of I/O. Top showed first pkg then find being run by root (not in a jail). After several minutes they stopped. Is there a periodic task that is supposed to run those processes? All my services run inside jails. Root has no crontab. Running...
  3. C

    bhyve bhyve I/O performance

    I'm running bhyve vms that show very bad I/O performance and I'm wondering what factors may be causing this? A couple details: I'm testing with a simple dd if=/dev/random of=test bs=1M status=progress and yes, that's not very scientific. Since I'm seeing many factors worse I/O perf than...
  4. B

    Incredible disk I/O claims. Can ~ 4 GB/s be realistic?

    I met a guy who says he builds his own servers and claims to reach incredable disk i/o speeds. As proof he has send me the output of 2 bonnie++ files. The top one should be a FreeBSD server with 12 disks (50TB) and 64GB memory The bottom one is a Nextcloud VM with 1 GB memory and 1TB storage...