disk failure

  1. J

    ZFS cannot import pool after booting 13.2 after upgrading to 14.0

    First, a quick warning to beadm users: If you have upgraded to 14.0 and you boot from ZFS and you ran zpool upgrade on your root ZFS pool and you beadm activate a pre-14.0 snapshot then you may be in for some pain :'‑( How did I get here: My FreeBSD system uses UEFI, I boot from ZFS and I...
  2. gpw928

    Other Hard Drive Troubleshooting

    I just had a new replacement disk drive in the ZFS tank faulted But its major breakage indicators (SMART Attribute IDs 5, 197, and 198) are all zero, after SMART Long Tests have been run. I'm thinking cable or controller port... It's a Seagate, and the SMART attributes need to be read in...
  3. F

    ZFS Replacement of a hard disk in a mirrored, encrypted (geli) root pool

    Hello, please excuse me if there is already an answer to my question. I could not find one. So far my question is hypothetical. I plan to install FreeBSD on an encrypted and mirrored zroot. But before I do this, I want to make sure that in case of a disk failure, I also know how to repair the...