1. C

    Port category

    I'm almost done porting NsCDE ( I'm unsure what category to put it under, however? It's a "modern" re-implementation of CDE, which is under x11. However, NsCDE really just is a bunch of scripts based on fvwm2. I originally thought about placing it under x11-wm...
  2. D

    net-mgmt/netbox: configure as a directory service (not vhost)

    Port net-mgmt/netbox is a nice tool widely used for IPAM and DECIM maintenance, so I tried to use it for maintenance purposes at work. I never got past the setup, since the example shown in FreeBSD's wiki ( only covers a setup as vhost, which...
  3. C

    /usr/home/ became /home/ ?!?

    Having a tough time understanding something and can't figure out what happened. This morning an nfs share stopped working on my dev environment, it was working fine yesterday. After some head scratching, I relalized that my /home/ directory isn't a symlink to /usr/home/ anymore, it is a real...
  4. Tu_Vieja

    Solved How to set /home on a dedicated "partition"?

    ( Disclaimer: Not a native-english speaker, and totally newbie, I do my best ) Hello, world. First thread so I hope to make it right: The concrete question is: Can I have the /home directory (which as I understand, contains my personal data) on a different partition? To help you understand...
  5. Nyantastic

    ZFS Flaky directory appears and disappears

    I am new to ZFS. A directory under ZFS is behaving strangely: [nyan@orange ~]$ ls nyan16 |wc 23099 23099 1108752 [nyan@orange ~]$ ls nyan16 |wc 17561 17561 842928 [nyan@orange ~]$ ls nyan16 |wc 12413 12413 595824 [nyan@orange ~]$ ls nyan16 |wc 7735 7735 371280...
  6. Jimlad

    Other Directory/File sync based on fsnotifier

    Hey all, Linux have inotify to monitor individual files, or to monitor directories. When a directory is monitored, inotify will return events for the directory itself, and for files inside the directory. Poor BSD has lacked this for some time, but it seems one clever guy has filled in the...