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    Solved Update IPv6 routes on a gateway from upstream router advertisements?

    I'm running an AP that bridges traffic to my ISP. For various reasons, I'm running both IPv4 and IPv6 and I need to NAT traffic from the LAN to the ISP. For this reason, net.inet6.ip6.forwarding needs to be enabled. The usual solution for periodically updating the IPv6 gateway address seems to...
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    When will dhclient from FreeBSD base support IPv6?

    Currently, I have to substitute dual-dhclient for dhclient from FreeBSD base to get DHCPv6 addresses, SLAAC addresses, and IPv4 addresses. Amazon EC2 configures dual-dhclient in /etc/rc.conf to support IPv6. It would be ideal for dhclient from FreeBSD base to do the job of dual-dhclient. Is...
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    Solved Is there a working DHCPv6 client for FreeBSD?

    It seems dhclient and dhcp6 are all broken at this point. dhcp6c couldn't fetch an IPv6 address from my OpenWrt router.
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    dhcp for ipv6

    Hi guys, I want to setup isc-dhcp server for IPv6 network. I just want DHCP service on my server send DNS IPv6 address for example 2002:8000:1:1042::2374 my topology: client <---> router <---> dhcpv6-server router already config with ipv6 dhcp-relay. My client already have IPv6 address from...