1. tarkhil

    dhcpclient sets routers despite dhclient.conf

    Hello I'm running several jails with common internal interface and DHCP on it. Some jails has direct access from internet and default routing points to real interface, some do not and default routing points to internal one. dhclient.conf interface "eth1" { request subnet-mask...
  2. kavex

    dhclient not finding dhcp server

    Hello everyone, I recently installed FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE on another computer. The installation went fine, except that no internet connection could be established, although my network card was recognized and attached to the alc driver and it having a working network cable attached to it. I know...
  3. F

    Solved No route to host using USB Tethering (rc.conf DHCP ifconfig not setting up ue0)

    PLEASE IGNORE THIS ! This post was made late in the night in the middle of frenzied network troubleshooting. I was not thinking stright. It is not possible to configure DHCP for ue0 on bootup, and given the nature of USB Tethering, it is not useful even if it did exist. You will always have the...
  4. R

    How to get custom option on client from ISC DHCP server

    Over ISC-DHCP server I wanted to define a custom DHCP Option, for which I am using below config option imagefile code 224 = ip-address; subnet netmask { range; option imagefile; } I am able to restart DHCP server after...
  5. J

    failed to start dhclient - wifi

    Good morning gang, I have been hanging around her for a while now, I thought I could solve some issues by me onsy but no luck. I am getting the following message and no wireless service: # service netif restart Destroyed wlan(4) interfaces: wlan0. Created wlan(4) interfaces: wlan0. Starting...
  6. T

    Solved dhclient running despite static IP addresses

    FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE #7 r317754: Sat Jun 17 16:25:50 AEST 2017 It appears that this rule in /etc/devd.conf is triggering: # # Try to start dhclient on Ethernet-like interfaces when the link comes # up. Only devices that are configured to support DHCP will actually # run it. No link down rule...
  7. C

    When will dhclient from FreeBSD base support IPv6?

    Currently, I have to substitute dual-dhclient for dhclient from FreeBSD base to get DHCPv6 addresses, SLAAC addresses, and IPv4 addresses. Amazon EC2 configures dual-dhclient in /etc/rc.conf to support IPv6. It would be ideal for dhclient from FreeBSD base to do the job of dual-dhclient. Is...
  8. C

    Problem with wpa_supplicant (wlan0 no carrier)

    Hello, I've got a little problem with my WLAN-Configuration. The WLAN-Card of my laptop is not supported by FreeBSD, so I bought an USB adapter with a Realtek RTL 8192CU chip. Then I put the lines if_urtwn_load="YES" legal.realtek.license_ack=1 into my /boot/loader.conf like described in...