device tree

  1. J

    ZFS Best practice for specifying disks (vdevs) for ZFS pools in 2021?

    This started out as a "why isn't this working?" question, but after a full day of trial and error, I think it might help more people to discuss "what's the best approach in today's world? (FreeBSD 12.2)" How should disks (or vdev's) be identified when creating ZFS pools in 2021? (and...
  2. aragats

    Device tree compiler in base: is it ready to use?

    I didn't know that FreeBSD 12.0 has device tree compiler in the base. However, it segfaults on regular .dts files I build for embedded systems. The one I always used before is sysutils/dtc, and it still works fine when installed and called explicitly. Previously I reported the issue in this...
  3. aragats

    Solved DTC segmentation fault after upgrading to 12.0

    Is it only me? I'm using packages, but tried building from ports with the same result: sysutils/dtc causes segfault on any source without any intermediate output. I cannot compiled my .dts (flattened device tree source) files I used to for 3 year... Thanks for directions!