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    jails How to write devfs_ruleset so PCI devices are visible in a jail?

    How can I configure PCI to be available in jails? If I try to execute this inside the jail: then I get this error: The default devfs_ruleset for jails is "4" This ruleset hides everything to the jail. (I think this is the reason.) So, how can I write a devfs_ruleset to unhide PCI devices...
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    jails Strange behavior with "devfs_ruleset"

    I've noticed a strange problem with setting"devfs_ruleset" in jail.conf. In jail.conf: testjail { host.hostname = testjail; devfs_ruleset = 27; #note: with no other configuration for this jail } Note: ruleset 27 does NOT exist - I've checked in /etc/defaults/devfs.rules and...