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  1. tuxador

    Solved [ZFS] adding 2 HDD with different pools to the system

    Hi, I have a desktop with FreeBSD-13.0-BETA3 installed in a SSD, and I recently got 02 HDD attached to extend my storage capacity. I am intending to use theses 500GB HDD for Samba shares. I did format the 02 HDD's with gpart (GPT), zfs, then create the pools ARCHIVE and DATA: zfs show gives me...
  2. I

    ZFS The pool I confing is unknown

    Hey you all, i had a problem with one of the HDDs in my freenas and needed to change it to a new one. Since i changed it the freenas doesn´t recognize my pool. I am adding screenshots. Thank you all for the help.
  3. dR3b

    devd - no notifications?

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD 10.3 installation with ZFS only. Last week my data zpool had an error. The pool state was DEGRADED but i never got a message about that. Devd is running and in /etc/devd/zfs.conf there are some actions that should be active in a default installation right? root@<host> ~ #...