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    ZFS Random drive detachments from host

    Hi all, I have been grappling with a problem with my ZFS array for the last year or so, and it has reached a point now where I have run out of ideas of what may be wrong, so posting in the hope someone has some advice. I have a machine with 14 drives, configured like so: 4x 10TB HDD in ZFS...
  2. Young

    M.2 SATA randomly detached only on FreeBSD

    Hi folks, This is my last resource, hope that someone can help me. I bought a new Samsung EVO 860 M.2 SATA to my home server. Everything looked good at the first boot on Windows, and tests with CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark were all fine. The problems started when I tried to do an FreeBSD...
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    How to disable detaching problematic USB disk

    Hello, I've a friend's HDD I need to dd+fix; it's attached on a Sharkoon USB3 disk enclosure. As the disk has some bad blocks, the umass driver keeps detaching it after 5 retries, which is PITA as I need first to do a dd of it. It's a FreeBSD 10 box. Disk is nicely attached: Aug 28 19:28:04...