1. Young

    M.2 SATA randomly detached only on FreeBSD

    Hi folks, This is my last resource, hope that someone can help me. I bought a new Samsung EVO 860 M.2 SATA to my home server. Everything looked good at the first boot on Windows, and tests with CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark were all fine. The problems started when I tried to do an FreeBSD...
  2. Bobi B.

    Other Drives found, but later detaching from LSI 3108 during boot (12.2)

    Hi, All! Today, while upgrading FreeBSD 11.2 to 12.2 we had an issue, where drives attached to LSI 3108 controller are detected, but then detached an gone during boot time (seems like everything happens before init)? The machine have since been rolled-back to 11.2 and is doing just fine. From...