desktop recording

  1. D

    Solved Having to choose between removing Minetest to install OBS Studio because of luajit-openresty

    I'm having quite an unfortunate affair when I try to build multimedia/obs-studio, it depends on lang/luajit but I already have lang/luajit-openresty installed for Minetest and trying to install OBS will remove Minetest and this dependency. Ironically the point of me installing OBS was to record...
  2. D

    Video recorders with OSS support

    The big two video recorders obs-studio and simplescreenrecorder depend on sound systems that are not native to FreeBSD. I like many others don't care to use Pulseaudio, ALSA, or JACK. Is there any recorders that support OSS at least as a build option that I'm not aware of?
  3. cytopia

    ffmpeg x11grab and v4l2-ctl

    Hi everybody, I am trying to port over to FreeBSD. As I am kind of a newbie to FreeBSD on a desktop I am looking for some FreeBSD equivalents to the following Linux tools. * ffmpeg with x11grab to capture the desktop * v4l2-ctl to list all attached...