desktop notification

  1. sidetone

    Solved Package vulnerability vuxml warning on desktop startup

    I kind of have an idea for how to make a popup for when a vulnerability is presented. For the root crontab I have @reboot pkg audit -F @hourly pkg audit -F I can use pkg audit as a non-root user to find the alert, but this doesn't alert me automatically when it becomes present. Next, I found...
  2. talsamon

    Solved crontab desktop notification

    Try make a desktop notification with crontab. The line in the crontab is: 30 * * * * user export DISPLAY=:0.0 && /usr/local/bin/myscript. Working with notify-send in the script, my window manager is fvwm-crystal. /var/log/cron says it is executed. but I am seeing nothing on desktop. On...
  3. M

    Restart xbmc via crontab

    Hi! Configuration: 9.1 64-bit, default kernel Nvidia drivers as per the handbook X.Org on startup Xfce desktop manager If I let xbmc open for a few days at idle, at the welcome screen on my HTPC/ZFS file server and then start playing a video, it's not smooth. Every couple of seconds it stops...