1. fullauto2012

    Basic pkg question

    I am reinstalling my system with some new configurations and am to the point where I am dropping in some basic packages to handle what I want this small server to do. I plan on running: Bind: so I can run a split horizon dns and manage some things from behind the firewall without resolve issues...
  2. C

    Solved Correct way of handling python flavors in port dependencies?

    I'm struggling to understand what the "correct" way for handling python flavors is. I'm attempting to port some software that depends on py-qt5; on amd64, there's a binary packages for py37-qt5 only at the moment. So, I figured I'll make my port USE=python:3.7. However, I hit a snag when I...
  3. aragats

    Octave mess

    I'm trying to build math/octave in FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p7. I don't need GUI, however, there is no config option to skip it. Why? The building process depends on TeX files, which means I have to install at least 1GB (up to 3GB!) of unneeded stuff. I tried Octave binary package first, but...
  4. FKEinternet

    Solved Install Drupal 8 with mysql-client57 ?

    I have mysql-client57 installed: # pkg info mysql57-client mysql57-client-5.7.21_1 Name : mysql57-client Version : 5.7.21_1 Installed on : Sat Mar 10 16:28:48 2018 EST Origin : databases/mysql57-client Architecture : FreeBSD:11:amd64 Prefix : /usr/local...
  5. Cath O'Deray

    pkg(8) lock of Firefox

    To any user of -RELEASE who has locked www/firefox in the past: in your experience, what types of dependency issue arose as the weeks or months passed? Re line 140 I imagine that it's prudent to also lock www/flashplayer. (-CURRENT in that paste, but the essence...
  6. A

    Samba error : Undefined symbol "yp_match"

    Hello to all I have an error with running samba-tool after installation. My os is FreeBSD 10.1. I use all method to installing the samba ( installing by pkg, making port and download and compile the source code) but in the all of them some errors was accrued. Could somebody help me to resolve...
  7. sidetone

    Solved jsoncpp base dependencies

    Hi, devel/jsoncpp is a dependency for some programs. It won't build on my system, and I suspect it requires a program that I left out on my FreeBSD 11.0 base installation. It gives error code 127 Does anyone know if it's any of these options from /etc/src.conf WITHOUT_BSDINSTALL=yes...