1. byrnejb

    Shell bash - validate input date

    This has to have a simple answer somewhere but cannot seem to find it for FreeBSD specifically. Given this input: DT='2022.02.30' I want to determine that this date is invalid. I first turned to the date utility: echo $DT ; date -j -f '%Y.%m.%d' $DT ; echo $? 2022.02.30 Wed Mar 2 15:56:22...
  2. pwgcz

    stat st_birthtim show UNIX Epoch Time

    Hello, I have problem witch stat command, when create file the time stamp st_birthtim show date Jan 1 00:59:59 1970 The full command: root@pwgcz:~ # stat test.txt 100 79525 -rw-r--r-- 1 root pg 0 0 "Nov 19 15:53:20 2021" "Nov 19 15:53:20 2021" "Nov 19 15:53:20 2021" "Jan 1 00:59:59 1970"...
  3. Basil Hendroff

    Shell Handling of special characters in variables

    Letcl is a Linux shell script that checks Let's Encrypt certificates issued for a domain. I've managed to modify it to run on FreeBSD and FreeBSD embedded systems like FreeNAS. The commands the script uses that are syntactically different between Linux and FreeBSD platforms are date and sed. For...
  4. abhinav4987

    how does -f option of the date command works?

    Iam having trouble with -f option of date command, can someone please illustrate how does it works?

    Solved ksh vs sh - built in commands ?

    Hello guys, please look at the following date commands. It looks like KornShell uses its own application. Built in? And why? Any idea? It appeared after this shell has been updated to ksh93-20141224 from 2012... . user@serv:~ % ksh -c "date -r" date: -r: unknown option Usage: date...