1. M

    ZFS Convert root dataset into a child one?

    I have mistakenly copied 10M+ files onto a spinning mirror (copy process took two days, deletion process from old source still going on and probably going to take four days) that is the root dataset of a 2-vdev mirror pool. The mistake is that I did not create a specific dataset in the...
  2. mg16373

    ZFS zfs - Filesystem-Migration - That's right?

    I'm not a newbie on ZFS but I have never used before a RAIDZ2 pool. Now I have migrated two VMs to another host. The capacity on the destination pool has grown by the factor of two :eek: I know that a RAIDZ2 setup needs more capacity but the output of "zfs list" is a little bit curious. I hope...
  3. Zamana

    Solved Recursively sharing ZFS datasets with CIFS

    Hi! The closest I got to the question I have was this thread, from a year and a half ago... Consider this ZFS dataset structure: /storage/data/a /storage/data/b /storage/data/c I would like to tell to CIFS to share /storage/data, but this doesn't work. You need to share /storage/data/a, b...
  4. W

    ZFS settings are inherited inside of Jail?

    Guys, Someone know if the settings from Host are inherited inside of Jail? For example, in the Host I have make an dataset like: zfs create -o compression=off -o exec=off -o recordsize=16k -o setuid=off zroot/var/db/mysql My concern is about the recordsize, since I dont know how to check it...