1. decuser

    SQL guis - 2024

    I'm having quite a slog trying to find working guis for sql development in FreeBSD. The best I've found are: 1. sqlitebrowser (for SQLite) 2. PhpMyAdmin (for MySQL) What I'd like to have is DBeaver or something similar that can handle multiple databases or MySQL Workbench, or... What other...
  2. baaz

  3. K

    Single sqlserver jail+ZFS for other jails, but how?

    Greetings. I have few jails running nginx on my FreeBSD 13.1 host. I'd like to create another jail for their SQL database needs. I'd like to create ZFS dataset for this purpose (for MySQL jail) but should I create it on host? If the dataset is created within the host, could the Jail access it...
  4. reddy

    Creation of a FreeBSD port for YDB

    Recently, a very exciting database has been open-sourced by Yandex. Apparently they have battle-tested it internally for years before making it open-source recently as part of the launch of their managed database-as-a-service offering (Apache License). Some of the cool features include...
  5. K

    MariaDB filling all my CPU cores up to 100%

    Greetings. Having mariadb105-server-10.5.13 running on FreeBSD 13 with ZFS. (A physical, dedicated server: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3593.32-MHz CPU and 64 GB RAM) My WordPress website sometimes getting random-visitors attacks/DDoS (hundreds of http GET requests instantly towards randomly...
  6. dbdemon

    Which database system is the most in the spirit of FreeBSD?

    Is there a database system which is created, developed and/or designed more "in the spirit" of FreeBSD? Obviously, Berkley DB was originally created and developed as part of BSD, so is probably a strong contender. If the question was about Unix rather than FreeBSD specifically, would the...
  7. B

    ZFS ZFS on partitioned disks / reserved space / short stroking

    Hi. Does anybody know of a good solution to set up a guaranteed allocation of physical drive space for a ZFS pool? Ideally I would like my database pool to allocate-from and use only the first third (for example) of the physical sectors of all my drives so that all data lives in the "fast...
  8. G

    Solved Postgresql (95) - pg_ctl vs postgresql

    I am learning how to install and use PostgreSQL server and I have run across a few different tutorials. One of them had me running postgresql commands from /usr/local/etc/rc.d. However, I initially didn't see the directory and the command wasn't working so I ended up finding pg_ctl and doing the...
  9. nonTechnical

    MySQL installed - but without config example files - why?

    I've just installed databases/mysql57-server on a new server, but can't see the example config files in /usr/local/share/mysql or anywhere to copy to run the server. I've used: $ sudo find / -name "mysql*" 2>/dev/null and /usr/local/share/mysql/ has: my-default.cnf mysql-log-rotate...