1. reddy

    Creation of a FreeBSD port for YDB

    Recently, a very exciting database has been open-sourced by Yandex. Apparently they have battle-tested it internally for years before making it open-source recently as part of the launch of their managed database-as-a-service offering (Apache License). Some of the cool features include...
  2. byrnejb

    Solved pkg upgrade -- pkg: Cannot get an advisory lock on a database, it is locked by another process

    I checked what was running and saw this: # ps -auwx | grep 'USER\|pkg' | grep -v grep USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TT STAT STARTED TIME COMMAND root 55747 0.0 0.0 11804 2612 - IJ 07:50 0:00.00 /bin/sh - /usr/local/etc/periodic/security/460.pkg-checksum root 58051 0.0 0.0...
  3. Q

    How to move MySQL8.0 datadir on FreeBSD?

    I tried to modify datadir where at /usr/local/etc/mysql/my.cnf to new path and restarted MySQL. But when I showed variable of datadir, It was still at original path. I tried those steps 1. stop MySQL 1. ee /usr/local/etc/mysql/my.cnf 2. datadir=/var/db/mysql ====> datadir=/newdir 3. cp -r...
  4. I

    Solved Thin or Thick Zvol

    Hi All, I want create a zvol for DB Host , can you help me for below question,Please? 1. what is different between Thin and reserve Zvol, in get to high performance? which is preference for performance and IOPS? very thanks,
  5. fullauto2012

    Shell DB backup Script

    Not real good with scripting. But, I through my hat in the ring. I was in dire need of a DB backup script that wrote to an inserted, but mostly unmounted rdx drive, regardless of mount situation. I also needed it to keep sanity in that backups older than 30 days needed to be pruned. Logs needed...
  6. mseqs

    Other Best language for a database server

    Hello everyone. So, I'm writing a little database server/manager (I know, don't reinvent the wheel, but is a research project and I got a good idea, innovative, I hope) and from the beginning I thought to write it in Java, but after some researching about "performance and memory issues" I'm not...