1. C

    Greenbone Security Assistant Installation (previously "OpenVAS")

    There are several tutorials and guides on how to install OpenVAS on FreeBSD; however, recently OpenVAS was renamed to Greenbone Security Assistant, spread across multiple packages and now no longer fits any of the past setup descriptions. After wading through the documentation myself, I figured...
  2. G

    How do I know a CVE has been fixed for FreeBSD

    Package www/firefox returned so many CVE's from pkg aud -F. So how can I know that all those CVE are patched or not. Some of them are *RESERVED*. Say status of CVE-5863; CVE-2018-5156 etc. from various web sources of cve.mitre & NVD. From FreshPorts-VuXML says an older version is vulnerable...
  3. French Fries

    FreeBSD vulnerability scan

    Dear friends, I switched only recently to FreeBSD from Debian GNU/Linux. Is there an equivalent of debsecan for FreeBSD? debsecan scans all installed packages and looks for vulnerabilities in the CVE database: Example: debsecan --suite=sid CVE-2017-11333...
  4. vermaden

    Truth About Linux 4.6 Security from GRSecurity Member

    HERE: Let me paste it below, dunno how long it will hang on the net. The Truth about Linux 4.6 by spender » Sat May 14, 2016 1:06 pm As anticipated in public comments, the Linux Foundation is already beginning a campaign to rewrite...