custom freebsd

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    Which way is better, customizing base.txz or using

    I'm trying to make my own FreeBSD iso which installs kde automatically, and I found two ways. First is extract base.txz, install all packages I need with help of chroot, repackage base.txz and put it into iso file. Second is add a script /usr/libexec/bsdinstall/ to install...
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    Where is the FreeBSD first boot setup scripts

    I want to modify and add some commands on first system installation screen. So how can I?
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    How can I customize FreeBSD Boot loader?

    We are seeing a menu with FreeBSD logo and FreeBSD ball devil on boot. I want to change codes that running when we select a boot option. I already checked /boot. I saw menu.rc and loader.rc but I want to change codes that running when selected an option. So how? Some information about my...
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    Check out my custom built FreeBSD

    Hi. If someone would like to check out my custom built FreeBSD 11.2, welcome)!uq4jzDpA!g7gBWRjbzT-w2uMT3LO62I2S93etwZep6p2odepGTOk - Built for IvyBridge and higher - Most of server services are removed, but could be installed from ports if required - Locales are only for...
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    Custom Build using release(7)

    Hi, I am creating a custom build of FreeBSD using the release. I would like to know if I can customize the packages that are installed in the system installation. For example, I would like to add the installation of the bash, vim, and so in the system. It's possible? Thanks
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    custom freebsd

    Hi, I'm new to FreeBSD. I need to create a custom FreeBSD in 50 MB. I need a xterm and browser in that, can anyone help me?