1. userxbw

    Solved CTWM - title shows no shows random apps.

    I just installed this old no one uses this anymore WM. CTWM and am hoping someone does, as I've seen some in here speak of TWM. So.. Issues: geany and firefox, Using the default ctwmrc from the systems, with a few added options just one to close windows and theses added emiclock, wmbutton...
  2. bryan

    Solved Black screen - Still pulling my hair out over xorg -Freebsd 11.2-stable

    I've scoured the forums, Googled, and still cannot find a solution to my problem. I am currently using the Nvidia 390 drivers from ports, with no apparent issues looking at the logs. The modules are in sync with my currently compiled kernel. Suspecting something might be off with my custom, no...