1. Yandri Loor

    Certified Asterisk installation failed

    hi i am trying to install Certified Asterisk 16 - LTS but i have a crypt_r error ld: error: undefined symbol: crypt_r >>> referenced by crypt.c:124 >>> crypt.o:(ast_crypt) >>> referenced by crypt.c:139 >>> crypt.o:(ast_crypt_validate) >>> referenced by...
  2. F

    Asterisk: undefined reference to `crypt_r'

    I wanted to install asterisk on my FreeBSD 12.1-Release PC from asterisk source code. I managed to install packages on /usr/src directory, however make command outputs error /usr/local/bin/ld: crypt.o: in function `ast_crypt': /usr/src/asterisk/asterisk-17.5.0/main/crypt.c:124: undefined...