1. stephen.wall

    Poudriere/ARM/FreeBSD 13.1 broken?

    I'm having a problem getting poudriere to cross compile ports when using a 13.1 jail. 13.0 works fine. The error was "No working C compiler found. Tried /nvb-bin/usr/bin/cc and gcc." I create the jails with the following: poudriere jails -c -j 130aarch64 -v 13.0-RELEASE -m http -x -a...
  2. Alain De Vos

    C Cross compile helloworld on a amd64 architecture for the RaspberryPI4 ie arm64.

    What i tried : export SYSROOT="/home/x/Dirs/arm64/sysroot" curl -LSs | tar Jxf - --include './usr/include/*' --include './usr/lib/*' --include './lib/*' -C ${SYSROOT} export SYSROOT="/home/x/Dirs/arm64/sysroot" export...