1. JonnySac

    cron daemon date/time +4 hours ahead of system date/time on RPI4?

    Hi, I've been using FreeBSD 13.0 on an RPI 4 and I noticed something weird when setting up a cron job. I could not get the cron job to run, so I inspected /var/log/cron and found 2 different datetimes. As you can see below, it logs when I edit the crontab using the correct datetime of the...
  2. emilengler

    Run "pkg update" and "pkg upgrade" with cronjob

    Hi, is it possible to run these two commands with a cronjob? If so do I need additonal parameters like I would need on a dpkg system? (apt -y upgrade)
  3. I

    cron job not working

    I have set up my cron job as following: 0 0 1 * * certbot renew while as a root user (switched to root using "su -l root") using the "crontab -e" command. I have further confirmed that it does appear in the file "/var/cron/tabs/root". However, the cron command is never fired. Why? And, how...
  4. S

    FTP cronjob : Upload from queue until full?

    Hello all, I, as a total freeBSD beginner, will probably be completely in over my head for this one, but please try anyway. :p What I want to achieve; The Laymen's explanation; I want my FreeNAS to upload new TV shows to my tablet every night, until the tablet is full. I need a script to...