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    jails Automatic rebalancing cpuset for jails

    Hi, I have searched on this forum and on internet without success so here is my question. I love jails and his flexibility but for a "hosting" service with clients on jails like vps I would like to limit the max number of cpu cores each jail can utilize on the server. I know about cpuset and I...
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    IRQ pinning is not working as expected with cpuset

    Can some one please suggest me in fixing this? Looks like IRQ pinning is not working as expected with cpuset command. This is what I’m doing .. 1. Identify the IRQ number on rxq0 # vmstat -i | grep rxq0 irq271: bnxt0:rxq0 2 0 2. Read the current affinity...
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    cpuset showing 16 cpu-cores instead of 8

    Ryzen is sold as 8-Core-CPU but within cpuset i have 16 cores and i can assign my tasks to it, this is working perfectly fine without any errors so far. I know Ryzen has 16 physical true cores from previous readings but they paired them together into 8 units and called it a 8-core-processor...