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    Solved bhyve - CPU usage for Windows VM

    Hello, I have a question. What is the reason of the CPU usage around 100% (max set 2 cores = 200%) of the bhyve process? If I open the Windows remote RDP console, the CPU usage decreases to 5-10% but when I close RDP, it goes back to 100%. FreeBSD 12.0-RELESASE-p7
  2. fusion809

    Shell How to get script-readable, human-readable CPU usage for i3bar?

    Hi, This fine forum has been very helpful through my FreeBSD journey, but one thing is bugging me. For Linux I used i3pystatus to manage my i3 status bar, for my configs see here, but as soon as I tried it on FreeBSD it became apparent it wouldn't work for it, as it relied on /proc/* and other...