1. sidetone

    XMPP extensions

    How would one know certain XMPP extensions are enabled? or how would they be enabled? For security, for cool features, and for purposes of reducing overhead on constrained networks. Core specifications carry the same XEP number throughout their entire cycle. Final and Draft extension protocols...
  2. U

    ZFS ZFS compression with email

    Anyone else storing email on ZFS using lz4 compression? I have a couple of mail servers and seem to find that compression ratios are fairly low when using default ZFS settings (apart from enabling compression). One server is using 415GB of space and has a 1.25x compression ratio (so...
  3. S

    ZFS 11.0p9 vs. 10.0p18 - Expected differences?

    All, Notably compression may be handled differently between the two, however wanted to know if anyone has reference or opinion as to whether one would expect these two issues that I've noticed: 1) difference in "consumption" and 2) constant creeping into swap space. * consumption * Noticed...
  4. abdelilah

    Solved newsyslog delayed compression

    Hello everyone, How can I achieved delayed compression like the one existing in logrotate, here is my config (I did not find this in the man) : /var/log/apache24/httpd-access.log 644 52 * @T04 J /var/run/ 30 I wish to delay the compression by one day : - Current log. - Rotated...