1. sidetone

    Compiler tools which should be only build-only dependencies

    My harddisk for storage failed, and I couldn't access it at all using the FreeBSD boot CD or a Linux rescue CD. It got a CAM error when booting FreeBSD, from the harddisk that didn't fail. I couldn't access the literal drive in the FreeBSD CD nor from a Linux rescue CD. My harddisk failed, when...
  2. T

    Need help with GCC errors

    I am working with UPBGE to port their game engine to more platforms. UPBGE is based on the latest Blender 3D developments with additional code included for writing game logic among other game engine features. The build process for UPBGE is identical to that of Blender. There are [official...
  3. F

    Solved How to compile a third party software on a jail?

    Dear All, I'd like to compile and install my favorite Gemini TUI client on a jail rather than on the real system: I thought I may use Poudriere, however after reading several times the handbook and looked into many blogs, I got the impression that all those...
  4. Spity

    How create binary from ports?

    I installed librsvg2 -2.50 from ports. How can I create a binary and use it in a clean install and not wait 2 hours for compilation?
  5. F

    Solved Steps from source code to tar.gz

    I want to know what to do from having a program (all of the file)on GitHub to building and compiling with cc on FreeBSD. What is source code? And how do I get from that to an executable and start a program?
  6. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved wx simple example needed

    Hi all, I trying to write a trivial "hello world" application using wx widgets in FreeBSD but I get tons of errors when copying code from the web and trying to compile. I simlinked wxgtk2u2.8config to wx-config, ok, I solved that silly point. Could some of you help me to get started? What...
  7. T

    Cleaning up after each compiled port

    When using make install clean this will clean up the workdir of the port and its dependencies, once everything is installed. Is there a way to do that after each individual port as well? So that once it is installed the workdir will be cleaned, before moving on to the next one? Maybe via some...

    Solved Compiled but cannot run due to: Permission denied

    I cannot run the file after compiling. I run as a standard user, as root everything works fine. 481557 -rwsrwxrwx 1 root users 7.2K Apr 10 15:23:31 2017 prog 481553 -rw-r--r-- 1 dik09 users 78B Apr 10 15:23:08 2017 prog.c dik09@domain:~ % ./prog ./prog: Permission denied.
  9. sidetone

    Solved Is it possible to buildworld without base compilers to use package compilers

    Is it possible to buildworld without Clang or GCC, so a newer llvm or Clang can be installed as a package? I tried this, and now I'm stuck with a system that can't compile anything, from the package compilers. This topic seems to belong in "Installing and Upgrading FreeBSD..." but its about...