1. yirannn

    dts problem during compile from source on aarch64

    Today I try to compile the freebsd source code on a vm started by qemu. I use the same method as I compile it on my x86_64vm, that is make buildkernel -j8 It seems(means I'm not sure) compiled successfully but problems comes out when linking. I pasted a 4-thread compile log below, hope to...
  2. A

    C Error: undefined symbol: ftime Why?

    Hello everyone! Trying to build this ( and having this error. On MacOS everything is building perfectly. What is the difference? This is error: ld: error: undefined symbol: ftime...
  3. D

    Solved Installing TDE - Ninja stuck running tests on tdepim

    I am installing the FreeBSD port of Trinity, but ninja is stuck on "[29/30] Running tests.." during the make process there. I ctrl + c'd and ran make install clean again, and this time its just "[0/1] Running tests..." so I opened htop, and it's running "ninja -C...
  4. diortemew

    Solved Nerd Fonts

    I am in the process of this install of FreeBSD (FreeBSD Minimal Guide) and am curious if Nerd Fonts can be compiled. I don't see a port for them, would they be under another port name or I should add these later? _diortemew
  5. Dogers

    Ports - i386-wine does not seems to really build

    Greetings to everyone. I am running FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p8 on AMD64 Arch and UFS2 filesystem. And I wanted to use wine, but it seemed slower than before, maybe ten minutes to make a window appears as if something was wrong. So I uninstalled wine and tried to build it from...
  6. Sopalajo

    How can I create a binary for another BSD system?

    Sometimes you are not allowed (i.e: lack of privileges), you can not (i.e: lack of disk space) or (for any other reason) you don't want to install or compile a program on a FreeBSD system. I was wondering if it is possible to perform the compiling/installing (or whatever) operation on another...
  7. N

    Howto set newer LLVM version as default compiler on FreeBSD10.4?

    How can I force FreeBSD 10.4 to use a newer LLVM version like 4.0 to compile cc libs? I installed LLVM4.0 via ports and I change my /etc/make.conf : CC=clang40 CXX=clang++40 CPP=clang-cpp40 If if run clang --version it shows 3.4 the default one is used... How can I setup my LLVM version...
  8. megapearl

    Solved libgdiplus won't build

    Hello, At updating packages using portmaster -a I noticed that libgdiplus won't build anymore. Tried to make deinstall clean and make install in ports dir but that doesn't make any difference. When I try to use pkg install libgdiplus another error comes up: pkg: jpeg-turbo-1.5.1 conflicts with...
  9. J

    Compiling e2guardian with ssl support

    I have being searching for compilation procedure for applications from source, but could not find one that I could understand. I want to compile www/e2guardian for FreeBSD with SSL support enabled. First I want to compile it with the default options but I fail from the start. Latter I will...
  10. zilion

    System very slow while compile

    I know that compiling a program requires a lot of machine, especially the processor. I've done a lot of adjustments in my system (tunning kernel, boot, and others..) and still remains very slow while compiling software. Is possible minimize this lag? My specs; i3 2600 / 4GB Ram / FreeBSD 10-3
  11. gladiola

    Solved Trouble with compiling openjpeg15 from ports

    I sent an email to the port maintainer. I read over the Makefile. It mostly set variables. I didn't see how it associated with the error I was receiving. Last Makefile revision calls back to a website with a tld for Poland. The port maintainer is mailing from here. No graphics/openjpeg15...
  12. amiramix

    ports-mgmt/poudriere and tsort: cycle in data warning

    I noticed that ports-mgmt/poudriere started to show this message: tsort: cycle in data tsort: gtk2-2.24.29_1 tsort: cups-2.1.3_1 tsort: dbus-1.8.20 tsort: xmlto-0.0.28 tsort: w3m-0.5.3_5 tsort: cycle in data tsort: cups-2.1.3_1 tsort: dbus-1.8.20 tsort: xmlto-0.0.28 tsort: fop-2.0_1 tsort...
  13. M

    Building (Blender) with OpenMP

    I've been trying to build blender with OpenMP. Here's what I got so far: 1.) Modify the makefile to include those features. # Only works, if everything else is compiled with the same compiler OPENMP_CMAKE_ON= -DWITH_OPENMP:BOOL=ON OPENMP_CMAKE_OFF= -DWITH_OPENMP:BOOL=OFF...
  14. macfreek

    Solved Compile i386 kernel on amd64 CPU fails

    Hi, I'm trying to compile a 10.2-RELEASE kernel for my Soekris i386 1 GByte memory system (the target system). Due to it's slowness, I'm compiling the kernel on a AMD64 system (the build system). Unfortunately, I'm getting compile errors, and I wonder if I might have done some silly. This is...