1. christhegeek

    If you wanna buy a nice and 100% compatible Usb Wifi adapter buy one of these they are great !

    If you are looking to buy a really compatible and trustworthy wifi usb adapter for freebsd Search ebay with these keywords copy the entire text: RTL8812AU 1200M 5G Wireless Network Card USB 3 Wi-Fi-Receiver and paste it on ebay search. I'm using it right now and it is crazy compatible with...
  2. F

    Silent PC for FreeBSD? Low power consumption, low price

    Hello, I would like to buy a PC that is fully compatible with FreeBSD. I want to use Intel Graphics Drivers to avoid driver trouble. The system needs to be very silent - it would be great if it had no fans at all. I do not have very much knowledge of current hardware and do not know how to...